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Our fleet of equipment is ready to face any type of infrastructure !

We have several pieces of equipment to demolish any type of structure. Otherwise we will find the right equipment!



We have all the necessary equipment for excavation work.

   - Excavator

   - Bulldozer

   - Front-End Loader

   - Semi-Trailer Trucks

   - Tandems Trucks

When necessary we can use the Crushing service to improve the quality of the material that will be put in place.

Crushing Crusher

We offer the Crushing service in order to bring aggregates to a specific standards for a project. The service can also be used to crush recycled asphalt for re-using.

Sand & Salt Storage

We contract the construction of salt storage facility and various commercial structure.

Wildlife Fencing
Wildlife Fence

We are doing large-scale construction of fence to protect the highways from wild animals.

Nous offrons aussi plusieurs autres services tels que:  - Installation of poles

         - Mulching

         - Armour stone

         - and much more, contact us !

Hazardous materials removal
Lead Paint Removal
PCB Mercury fluo light

A contaminated building must be clean of any hazardous removal before being demolished.

We have a team experienced in the of various contaminants
Such as:   - Asbestos
                 - Lead
                 - Mercury
                 - PCB Ballast

Decontamination projects are always supervised by a certified technologist.

We follow all guidelines for the disposing of these contaminants in order to safely follow the standards of the province in which we do the work.

Environnemental Project

We carry out several environmental projects in order to meet the demand of our customers.

Fiber Optic Installation
Fibre OP installation

We have equipment for fiber optic wires installation. We have installed and maintained the wires at several locations across New Brunswick, the Maritimes and Ontario.

Various Project
Mount Carleton Bathurst Lake Bridge

Our wide variety of equipment and manforce allows us to contract various types of projects such as a bridge that we recently built at Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

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