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Our Story

C.N.F. Mallet Ltée was first started in 1992 by Christian & Flora Mallet when A.C. Mallet & Fils Ltée was closed. Since then the company went in many directions. At first it was commercial and highway snow plowing in the winter time and municipal water & sewer contracts with commercial and highway paint marking in summer time. Also did some work in wharfs like prefab reinforced concrete slabs, prefab walls, wooden frames, floating wharfs, underwater concrete block anchoring for floating wharfs. Also underground petroleum tanks replacement, intersection traffic light systems, misc. underground contracts for NBPower and NBtel (OPAC, OPM), building demolition (NBtel central office in Chatam, Chaleur Mall in Bathurst, Vanier High School  in Moncton), many manhole rebuilds (in the Miramichi, Bathurst and Campbellton), landscaping & grubbing for cell site and WIC’s, construction renovation (Shippagan NBtel call centre & Sears), municipal and subdivision conduit placement for all utility’s (Gretna Green in Newcastle, Grovehill Bathurst). Since April 1997 we started cable contract work for NBtel, Rogers, Group Telecom and pole contracts for NBtel and NBPower.

 Our latest activities in the Telecomm industry were assisting in the building of the Bell Aliant FiberOp program in the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario.

C.N.F. Mallet Ltée with 2 Certified Civil Engineering Technologist is still expanding and evolving in the civil construction industries. We are proud to have the NBCSA Certificate of Recognition and to be a member of the Road Builders Association (RBHCA). In recent years the company has also certified itself in the decontamination of buildings prior to demolition and has carried out several projects in this field with great success.

C.N.F. Mallet is located in the northeastern part of New Brunswick. We can serve all the Maritimes and part of Ontario.

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